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Implants-teeth in 5 days - A life changing smile you can afford

How our 5 day implant system works

Our partner dentists offer a ground-breaking procedure that makes dental restoration possible for almost every patient. It is even suitable for people who have previously failed implantation procedures due to severely atrophied jaw bones and bone recession.

We were the first to start working in the UK with dentists using this revolutionary implant system, ensuring that British patients have access to a faster and more reliable solution for permanent teeth.

Dental implants: before-after
After 5 days

This type of minimally invasive implant surgery (or ‘flapless’ implant surgery, to use the technical term) has been used in dentistry for over 25 years and is a largely painless method that does not cause any bleeding. In essence, instead of creating several incisions in the patient’s gums, the surgeon uses a circular punch to create a hole in the patient’s gum tissue into which a titanium bolt (artificial tooth root) is placed and screwed directly into the jawbone, providing a strong and stable support for a bridge for new teeth. The patient has a local anaesthetic or IV sedation and in the vast majority of cases no additional pain medication is necessary. The patients receive their final bridge immediately after the implants have been inserted.

Before After

There is no need to wait through a lengthy recovery period as the new teeth fabricated by the dental technician can be fixed in place within 5 days.

Not only do implants ensure better chewing ability and a greatly improved facial appearance, but our patients also tell us that dental implants enhance their quality of life, boost self-confidence and promote general psychological and emotional well-being.

Conventional vs BCS,KOS Implant

BCS,KOS Implant Conventional implant
Additional Surgery No sinus lift or bone graft Sinus lift and bone graft often required
Healing time No healing time required 3 to 12 months he