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Implants-teeth in 5 days - A life changing smile you can afford

Full mouth restoration
implants & permanent
teeth in just 5 days

Lacking bone structure?
This groundbreaking
implant system can help

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Highly qualified experienced
dentists in Hungary

Consultation in London
Specialised implant
treatment in Hungary

The revolutionary dental implant system

Are you fed up with wearing loose dentures? If yes then it’s probably been a while since you said ‘cheese’ for the camera, enjoyed a juicy steak, or spoke without worrying about losing your dentures and your dignity.

Would you like to put all this behind you? If the answer is yes then the groundbreaking Swiss dental implant system can help you achieve all this and more.

Full jaw restoration in 5 days
at an unbeatable price - £5,995/jaw

with 8-10 implants & 12 unit bridge

  • Savings of 70% in Hungary in comparison to UK competitors even if you have no teeth at all
  • First class treatment from highly qualified and experienced dentists
  • Full jaw restoration in 5 days – with implants and fixed bridge - even with insufficient bone structure
  • IV sedation system to help overcome fear and anxiety
  • Up to a lifetime guarantee on implants
  • Consultation in London and treatment in Hungary

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  • It's fantastic!
    "Eight years ago none of the other dentists I visited could help me to have implants because of my insufficient bone structure. I saw an ad on the internet and called for an appointment. I now feel totally comfortable, I have no pain in my mouth, It's fantastic. All my teeth were replaced in just 5 days."
  • I can smile and feel confident!
    "I was a little bit nervous and scared but it wasn't as bad as I thought it. The operation itself was painless and recovery was quick. I can smile and feel confident again. I would recommend to anyone."
  • I can now enjoy all of those foods!
    "On my initial visit everything was explained to me in great detail which gave me the confidence to go ahead with the procedure. I can now enjoy all of those foods that I couldn't taste before. This really is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I will definitely be recommending you to anyone I know who is looking at Hungary for dental treatment."
  • I am now much happier in company!
    "My dentures were becoming loose and I was very annoyed especially when I started eating. I used to be very self-conscious about smiling and would often hide my teeth when having my photograph taken. However, since having dental implants I am much happier in company and have never regretted the decision to have implant treatment. Thank you implants-teeth-in-5days!"
  • I couldn't have been in better hands!
    "I was hoping that I had made a good choice as it is difficult when you are in a foreign country trying to arrange dental care.I was extremely impressed with the level of service. My dentist Zoltan was extremely professional with a caring and friendly manner. The treatment wasn't rushed or hurried, time was taken to deliver an excellent result. Having this treatment has been a really worthwhile investment and I couldn't have been in better hands!"

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